2020 Seniors End of Year Information

Below is all of the information you will need to know about DA technology as you begin the process of graduating.

Please be sure to read each section carefully.


Senior laptops will need to be removed from our management system before you can keep them. You will need to do one very important step before running this process. Backup your laptop! Please read this entire post. If you do not perform the proper steps by June 30th, then all data on your laptop will automatically be deleted.

What is going to happen?

When your laptop is removed from our system it will be formatted and reinstalled with macOS Mojave (10.14). All data on your laptop will be deleted. This includes your documents, photos, music and your folder of favorite memes. So if you didn’t backup, there is no way to restore this data.

What should I do?

Use TimeMachine to perform the backup with the USB hard drive we issued to you when you received your laptop. If you need help with this or want to verify your backup has been run correctly, you should submit a support ticket prior to running the Release Senior Laptop process. DA is not responsible for any lost user data once you launch the Release Senior Laptop process.

After you backup your laptop, you will need to run a Self-Service policy that starts the removal process. The Self-Service policy will be made available to you by May 23rd and can be found in the featured section. Oh, by the way, the backup drive is yours to keep.

What will happen if I don’t do this?

If you have not run the Self-Service policy by June 30th, the laptop will delete all data and reinstall itself. Regardless if it has been backed up or not.

I completed the process for removing my laptop, now what?

The laptop is now in an out-of-box state. This means it is exactly as it was when it first shipped from the Apple warehouse. You can now step through the Setup Assistant like it is a brand new (4 year old) laptop.

If you decide to copy your previous data from the backup drive, then here is how you can do that. One of the steps in Setup Assistant will be named Migration Assistant. Plug in your USB backup drive and the Migration Assistant will help you restore your data to the laptop.

You should only be given the option to restore your own user account. If for some reason you have the Applications, Other Files and Folders, or Computer & Network Settings, Do Not Select them. If you choose anything other than your user account this will just restore management settings back on to the laptop. We will eventually see this and your laptop will automatically be reinstalled again.

What if I need help?

We are here to help. Click the Enter Portal link, create a support ticket and we will respond ASAP.

User Account

Your DA User Account will remain active until December 31st, 2020.  After which you will not be able to recover files, emails, etc from your account.

Google Drive

You can use Google Takeout to download all your files in Google Drive. 

It is highly recommended you cleanup your Google Drive files before using Takeout.  This will help the takeout process to export a Drive that is not cluttered with unwanted large files.

On Step two, you will have a few options for how you can receive your data.

Google Takeout Options

Office 365

Your Office365 account will remain active until December 31st.  If there are any items you wish to keep, then please save them.

  • Outlook: Be sure to forward any emails that you may need to another personal email account. Check Calendar and Contacts for any information you need to keep.
  • OneDrive & OneNote: You can download any documents/notebooks stored in OneDrive.

Other Accounts

You should think of other accounts that are associated with your DA login. For example, if you logged into Trinket.io with your DA Google Account. If there is any data in the Trinket.io account you will need, then you should find a way to save that data. Every software service is different so you will need to research different ways to save the data. Once your DA account is closed, you will not have access to this information.


Please create a support ticket if you need any help or have questions.